Gabon is banking on the digital sector to make it a growth engine and an accelerator for other economic sectors.The state has thus set up critical prerequisites for the development of the digital economy by defining an institutional framework for the information society and building world-class digital infrastructures (deployment of optical fiber over a linear 1075 km as part of the Central African Backbone-Phase 1 project or 4G deployment).

The establishment of these bases has allowed the digital sector to be one of the most dynamic in recent years. In 2016, a Gabonese adult has an average of two telephone subscriptions and the penetration rate of the mobile Internet is 75%. Similarly, Gabon has one of the highest mobile-money penetration rates in Africa, alongside countries like Kenya. The use of digital networks, especially the Smartphone, has reached a level that now makes it a mass support for online services. The state has started the dematerialization of administrative services with the establishment of the first e-government services: e-tax and e-visa.

Gabon is also positioning itself as a regional center of excellence for space observation activities with the Gabonese Agency for Space Studies and Observations (AGEOS), which is dedicated to the exploitation and enhancement of satellite data. In order to strengthen the national digital ecosystem, Gabon has identified 3 projects with high impact on the Gabonese economy for which the country is actively seeking partners.